About Us

Who is Dougherty County DUI & Defensive                     (DOCO) Driving School?

We are locally owned and operated for 18 years. Based in Albany, DOCO Driving School has helped many drivers with DUI/Risk Reduction classes, Defensive Driving courses and Driver’s Ed training.


It is our mission to provide high quality classes to give knowledge and information that motivates people to change their choices and therefore change their lives. Our objective is to empower and encourage our students to think about their behavior and begin to make low-risk choices so they have a safe, fulfilled and productive future.



DOCO Driving School and instructors are State-licensed and certified. We are caring, courteous professionals that have more than seventeen years of training experience.

The school has met and surpassed all qualifications of the State of Georgia and have been approved and licensed to provide 4 programs:                                                                                                                                 1.Defensive Driving (license#933),                                 2.Risk Reduction/DUI (license #7050)                             3.Driver Education (license #DT 628)                             4.Behind-the-Wheel training (license #DT 628)


For more information contact our office at (229) 420-3590 Tuesday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM at 2535 Lafayette Plaza Suite C,  Albany, Georgia.               Mapquest / Google Maps

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