Private Driving Lessons

Private driving lessons are available for drivers of all ages.  Choose the amount of time you need to increase your skill level for a lifetime of safe driving.  Remember, you don’t become a safe driver by getting a driver’s license.  You become a safe driver by spending hours of time practicing in the car with a Certified Professional Driving Instructor.

For questions or to register for Private Lessons you will need to call our office on Tuesday – Friday from 9am to 5pm at 229-420-3590.


Today’s driving environment is more distracting than ever, both outside and inside the car.  Texting, phones, games, friends and music; distractions are everywhere.  That’s why today’s driver education needs to go beyond the basics.  To become a safe driver, we use the most engaging and comprehensive driving techniques.


Learning to drive for the first time as an adult?  New to Georgia and need to learn local rules and traffic patterns?  Our instructors are sensitive to the needs of all ages.  Learn from fun and relatable instructors!  Lessons offered to fit into your schedule. 


What’s changed since you first learned how to drive?  You are going to drive 1 Million miles in your lifetime.  That’s a lot of miles!  And that’s why every driver can use a refresher to stay current. Driving is always changing!  Every new model year car brings newer, sometimes more confusing technology to learn.  Let us help you stay current.



     BASIC LESSONS             $275/6 hours, set to fit your schedule, Certified Instructor     

      DELUXE LESSONS        $350/6 hours, pick up/dropoff, set to fit your schedule,                                                                 Certified Instructor

      OTHER OPTIONS           $50/hour refresher (2 hour minimum)    


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